Privacy Policy of Sunao Radio: Online Radio + AIR Radio + FM Radio

Privacy Policy 

Sunao Radio: Online Radio + AIR Radio + FM Radio

Terms and Conditions

These terms and condition are between "User" and "Developer". By Installing This Application in Your Phone You are agreed for followings terms 
1. You are using this application for only and only entertainment purpose and educational purpose, any unfair use of this application is subject to legal.
2. You are not doing any kind of unethical and other harmful activities with this application.
3. This application is made only and only to provide entertainment and education to its users.
4. The user of this application can share only and only play store link to their friends and not any other link except play store. You are not uploading this application anywhere on the internet without the proper permission of its Developers. 
5. This app contacts Google Ads, and by installing this application in your phone you are agreed to see an advertisement on your phone. 


1. This application does not collect any privacy or data from your phone such as location, contact, storage and other details. This application is designed to provide only and only Radio services to its user anywhere in the world. 

2. This app contains Ads.

All these terms & conditions and Privacy policy are subject to 

Sunao Radio: Online Radio + AIR Radio + FM Radio

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