How To Earn Money By Writting Posts and New On Uc News I uc we media Program I

Now earning money feom uc new is very easy.
Bug advantage of this platform is few competition which enables you to earn huge money by posting posts.
You can earn a lot of money by Writting news and articles on uc news. Program named by uc news is UC WE-MEDIA PROGRAM, under this program you can write articles on various topics link technical, humar, education, travelling and much more.
There are conditions to be followed by you that....
1. Never copy any contect from any website. Always make your fair content.
2. Copying any content can suspend your article or posts.

And there are certian things you should know that....
1. Monetization is to be applied only after 7 days successfully activation of your account and only after 2000 total views on your articles.

2. You can apply for payment between 26-28 of each month and payment will be transfered to your bank account wihin 7 days.

3. Each post posted by you will bepublished within 48 hours...

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